Vinal Wall putty Sf is a high quality graded, mechanically blended, white cement based polymer-modified product for waterproof thin/thick layer plaster application in interior as well as exterior surface. Vinal wall SF putty is purpose designed to achieve a silky finish, crack free, water resistant, finish coat, applied over cement plastered wall and ceiling. Vinal wall putty SF has excellent bonding/adhesive properties and is highly durable to last for long year as desired in the construction industry. Vinal wall puttySF consists of white Portland cement binder, select mineral fillers and special additives workability, high water retention, hi-grip bonding/adhesion.


Vinal wall puttySF machine blended pre-mixture consistent quality for a lasting durability, cement and select mineral particles get coated with the protective polymer film which makes vinal wall puttySF applied surface highly durable and weather& water resistant, vinal wall puttySF gives increased tensile, flexural strengths. vinal wall puttySF thin layer application reduces weight of plaster on ceilings, vinalwall puttySF high impact and abrasion resistant, curing not necessary, however 2-3 time water curing would further enhance the quality. vinal white wall putty both application interior/exteriors gives better look, smooth and strong finish, vinal wall puttySF is impervious to termites.


Surface Preparation:

All surfaces should be structurally sound, clean, free of dust, dirt & loose particles. Surface imperfections such as cracks, holes or voids should be repaired before the application of Vinal wall putty SF.


Add Vinal wall puttySF to a bucket containing clean water, mixing uniformly to achieve the required thick creamy consistency. The mixing ratio is 10 kg Vinal wall puttySF and approximately 3 to 4 liters of Water.


Vinal wall puttySF should be directly applied on surface, interior/exterior wall with painters putty knife. 1.0 mm thickness per coat After the first coat of vinal wall puttySF is dried apply a thin second coat. Thickness of both the coats should not exceed 2 mm.
‘Remove the dust using the clean cloth. The vinal white wall putty plastered surface is now ready for painting.


1kg, 5kg, 20kg, 40kg, P P Bags.

Environment & Safety:

Vinal wall puttySF is non-toxic and non flammable, making it environment friendly but not carry any risk to life. Any splash of putty when in contact with skin or eyes should be immediately, wash it clean water, if irritation rersist, consult a doctor.

Technical Details:

Colour : white (powder)
Compressive Strength 28 Days : 13.26 n/mm2
Tensile Adhesion Strength 28 Days : 2.26 n/mm
Thickness : 1.5mm to 2mm (two coat)
Surface Hardness : 3.0n
Pot Life 1.30 to 2.0 hrs.
Drying Time 3-4 hrs. silky smooth
Finish Silky Smooth

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