Weathertuff – Texture

Weathertuff – Texture

Acontemporary decorative & protective interior / exterior coating permitting various interesting texture finishes to be created on masonry surface with a touch of class. Aesthetically pleasing & high attention grabbing, Weather Tuff is suitable for full external applications with long term weather protection, low maintenance & high durability. Weather Tuff is environmental friendly acrylic resin based texture coating which is able to buffer substrate hairline cracks and offers tremendous substrate defect – covering ability. Weather Tuff textured coating offers three styles, Vertical, Horizontal & Semi-Circulate patterns.


  • The advanced, super durable 100% acrylic co-polymer selected quality, quartz, marble chips, minerals & micro addition of select additives & powerful biocides, blended together make Weather Tuff a high performance texture coating. Excellent adhesion / bonding to all properly prepared masonry substrates.
  • The tough resilient nature of Weather Tuff coating maintains a flexible water resistant coating. An effective barrier against the intrusion of rain water, Weather Tuff remains vapour permable, allowing wall to breathe & permitting moisture trapped within the substrate to migrate outwards through the coating.
  • The high durability inherent toughness of Weather Tuff texture coating is abrasion, extreme temperature * U.V. Light & fully fungus resistant. Seals off substrate hairline cracks, preventing seepage.

Surface Preparation:

Pressure clean to remove all biological growth from, flaking & poorly bonded materials. Make substrate repairs to correct holes, cracks fill up with Vinal crack filler


Weather Tuff is applied to the wall / Surface using a stainless Steel trowel & trowelled to the thickness of coarsest aggregate. The surface is then worked with a plastic trowel in either a vertical, horizontal or circular motion to produce the desired pattern. The depth of pattern is controlled by the size of aggregate incorporated in the material. The application of Weather Tuff is a specialist procedure & should only be carried out by an approved applicator who has been trained in the application of Weather Tuff.

Sales & Service:

Vinal exterior is made available through a chain of authorized stockists and distributors. We insist that you purchase through such authorized outlets only.

Free Technical Service & Advice:

Avail of our free technical advice and guidance provided at major outlets. You could also correspond at the registered address for advice and guidance

Technical Details:

Colour : Base Colours
Finish : Texture (Grooved)
Thicknes : 2 mm DFT (Approx)
Solids : 83.0 +_2%
Specific Gravity : 2.0+_0.05
Water Demand 3-5%
Drying Time 3-4 hrs.
acking 25kg, 30kg, bag

The information in this literature is given in good faith, but without warranty,
as conditions of storage and use vary and are beyond our control..