Vinal-Plastic Paint


VINAL-PLASTIC PAINT is a luxury interior wall finish specially formulated to impart a rich satin like sheen to decorate interior walls. It possesses excellent washability and stain resistance to keep the walls beautiful for long. Its antibacterial property provides proven protection against bacteria and also contains ultra-low VOC ensuring safe and healthy interiors

Surface Preparation:

Keep the surface clean and dry. Remove dust, dirt, grease, and flaking paint from the surface and use Vinal Abrasive Papers(220) to smooth. Ensure that there is no fungus or moisture on the walls.


Feature and Benefits:

Feature Action Benefits
Anti Bacterial It does not allow fungi and bacteria to breed and form colonies on the wall Keeps the walls hygienic. It reduces the chance of picking up allergies and keeps residents healthy
Luxury Sheen Finishing It reflects light even in low intensity lighting in rooms Gives rich luxurious look and feel to the walls
Ultra-Low VOC It does not emit any odour during and after painting hence reducing the risk of any irritation, headache, nausea etc Healthy interior ensures that the home owners can occupy the house immediately after painting

Recommended Paint System

Sequence :Product No of Coats
Primer Vinal Wall Primer 1 coat (6-8 hours for drying)
Putty Vinal Acrylic/ Powder putty 1-2 coats (overnight drying)
Primer Vinal Primer 1 coat (6-8 hours for drying)
Top Coat VINAL-PLASTIC PAINT 2-3 coats (4-6 hour interval)



For dark shades and horizontal surfaces 1-2 additional coat amy be required for better performance
of paint film.


Avoid painting when temperatures is below 10 C. Painting is not recommended if the moisture content or alkalinity of the walls is high. Moisture content of walls should be below 16% and alkalinity of wall should be below pH 9. Relative humidity should be below 85%. Painting on a newly plastered wall is recommended after 12 weeks of curing.


Brush : Dilute both 1 and 2 coats with 30-40% water
Roller : Dilute both 1 and 2 coats with 30-40% water
Conventional Spray : Dilute both 1 and 2 coats with 30% water


Safety health and Environment Information

During Painting : Always work in a well ventilated area. Wear appropriate attire, especially gloves and eye
protection gear. Avoid contact with skin as it may cause irritation
Cleaning : Clean all equipments with clean water immediately after use.
Safety Instructions : In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with water and seek immediate medical
treatment. To remove paint from skin, use soap and water or appropriate cleanser. In the
event of spillage, contain and collect spilt paint by using sand or earth
Storage Store paint in a cool, dry and well ventilated place away from heat sources, flammables or
direct sunlight. Keep container tightly closed in as secure upright position. Do not store
near food, drinks or animal feed. Keep out of reach of children. Do not dispose of
unwanted paint into drains, water sources or open sewers. To dispose safely, pour
unwanted paint into old newspapers and let dry before placing in a waste receptacle
Environment Does not contain any added lead, mercury or chromium compounds


Technical Details:

Bases : White and SGP4, SGP3, SGP2, SGP1, Red Bases, Yellow Bases
Color range : Please refer to Paint shade card and fan decks
Finish : Luxury Sheen
Coverage : 280-320 feet/ltr/coat & 150-175 feet/ltr/ 2 coats (Actual coverage depends on
substrate condition)
Dry Tine : To touch – 30 minutes , To recoat – 4-6 hours
Gloss level 60 Head: 12 to 20 units
Clean Up Solvent Clean, potable water
Stability of diluted paint 24 hours
Shelf Life 2 years from date of manufacture in original tightly closed containers
Dilution 30-40% by volume with clean, potable water. Stir well before use
20-30% by volume for darker shades

The information in this literature is given in good faith, but without warranty,
as conditions of storage and use vary and are beyond our control..