Vinal-Exterior Emulsion Paints

Vinal-Semi Exterior Emulsion Paints

Vinal Semi Exterior Emulsion Paint is acrylic based exterior emulsion yet another economic choice. It provides high hiding & very good color fastness. It is specially formulated to withstand extremes of tropical conditions of Indian climate.


Vinal Semi Exterior Emulsion Paint prevents settling of dust, dirt and pollutants thus making it look fresh for many years.It contains highly effective fungicide and biocides to give it strong antifungal properties. Ultraviolet resistant pigments used with special resins assure fastness of shades for longer time. Excellent adhesion and non-cracking or peeling, if applied as per instructions.



Vinal Semi Exterior Emulsion Paint  can be applied on vast range of exterior surfaces viz cement plaster, masonry, concrete, asbestos sheet ,POP, Gypsum etc.

Surface Preparation:

  • Ensure that the substrate to be painted is free of any dirt, dust, oil, grease, any algea / fungal growth or any other type of contamination.
  • This can be achieved by vigorous brushing of surface with media like wire, tar brush etc and cleaning with soft water.
  • In case of pre painted surfaces – loose old paint etc should be throughly removed.
  • Surfaces showing signs of chalking and flaking should be treated with some suitable sealer etc.

Touch Ups/Rectification:

  • Any touch up/ rectification required in the surface should be done with sand cement mortar only and it should be subjected to proper curing.
  • For freshly plastered surface, care should be taken for proper curing and sufficient drying time.


Product Application Tool Thinner Dilution Touch Dry Recoat*
Vinal Exterior water base Acrylic Primer Brush,Roller,Spray Water 100-110% 0 mins 4 hrs
1st Coat Vinal Semi Acrylic Exterior Emulsion Brush,Roller,Spray Water 40-50% 1hr 4-6hrs
2nd Coat Vinal Semi Acrylic Exterior Emulsion Brush,Roller,Spray Water 40-50% 1hr 4-6hrs

* Recoat period is quoted for 25°C at 50% relative humidity – may vary under different conditions.

Covering** One liter of Semi Exterior Emulsion  covers 11 to 13 sq. mts for per coat depending on the porosity of surface and method of application.
Recommended Dry Film Thickness(DFT) 35-40 microns
Gloss/Sheen Levels 0-9 on glass plate at 60°, smooth finish with slight sheen
Thinning 40-50% by volume with water
Drying Time Interval of at least 4 hours between two coats is essential Hard dry – 24 hours
Shelf Life Minimum 1yr when stored in original sealed container away from sunlight and excessive heat
Pot Life 24 hrs

** Actual coverage may vary on factors such as substrate porosity, method of application etc.


Before Use

  • Do not overdilute or over extend the brush
  • Stir Well Before Use



For performance optimisation – ensure proper washing and cleaning of structures at regular intervals.


Please refer to detailed MSDS of Eco Shine for detailed information on safe handling of product


  • Pack Size Availability: 1ltr, 4ltr, 10ltr, 20ltr
  • Available in Large Shade Range