Vinalux Exterior Primer

Weathertuff – Roller Coat

Weather Tuff Roller coat is a high – premium quality decorative & protective texture finish, to fulfill your desire for building to have their well known appearance / outlook. For a pleasant visual effect, Weather Tuff Roller coat boldly forms small to large size, three dimensional textures on wall surface, thus transforming your architectural dreams into a quiet refinement and fresh individuality. Weather Tuff Roller Coat is near – uniform in size and pattern offering 3 styles in texture design. The styles are: High Relief Bold, Splatter Bubble Bold, Flat Bubble, Orange Peel (which is a really tiny splatter) Weather Tuff Roller Coat texture finish beautifully hides dimensional flaws in structure.


  • Technologically advanced, specially formulated from 100% acrylic co-polymer / quartz / minerals and additives provide a flexible, breathable water repellent decorative texture with built in long life and durability to enhance, beautify and protect your building’s exterior.
  • Seals hairline cracks hence prevent water seepage.
  • Weather Tuff Roller Coat textures coats bonds / adheres perfectly to substrate and is strong enough to withstand abrasion & extreme temperatures, acid rain, U. V. and fungus growth.

Surface Preparation:

Pressure clean to remove all biological growth from flaking & poorly bonded materials. Make substrate repairs to correct holes, cracks.


Weather Tuff roller coat is applied to the wall / Surface using a stainless Steel trowel & trowelled to the thickness of coarsest aggregate. The surface is then worked with a plastic trowel in either a vertical, horizontal or circular motion to produce the desired pattern. The depth of pattern is controlled by the size of aggregate incorporated in the material. The application of Weather Tuff is a specialist procedure & should only be carried out by an approved applicator who has been trained in the application of Weather Tuff Roller Coat.


Weathertuff roller coat is available in 5kg, 25kg, 30 kg, bag./backet

Sales & Service:

vinal exterior is made available through a chain of authorized stockists and distributors. We insist that you purchase through such authorized outlets only.

Free Technical Service & Advice:

Avail of our free technical advice and guidance provided at major outlets. You could also correspond at the registered address for advice and guidance.

Environment Friendly & Safe:

Weathertuff roller coat is an environment friendly Roller Coat Texture. Being non-flammable, Weathertuff Roller Coat spray does not carry any risks to life. Any splash of paint when in contact with skin or eye should immediately washed away with clean water. If irritation persists, consult a doctor

Technical Details:

Colour : Base Colours White
Finish : Babbal Smooth
Thicknes : 1 to 2 mm DFT (apx.)
Solids : 79.0 + 2%
Specific Gravity : 2.0+ 0.05
Water Demand 3-5%
Drying Time 3-4 hrs.

The information in this literature is given in good faith, but without warranty,
as conditions of storage and use vary and are beyond our control