Exterior Primer


Vinplast is the state of the art, modified acrylic based ready to use finishing plaster for interiors in the paste form. Vinplast would help to overcome/hide the imperfections of the walls/ceilings and offer ready-to-use surface for painting, thus creating a perfectly surfaced wall. Vinplast has excellent adhesion to the surface and it eliminates the use of other products like neeru, putty or primer before application of paint and provides quality walls and ceilings for residential or commercial construction. Vinplast is specially formulated by using well – graded fine minerals, corrosion inhibitors, biocides and additives along with high quality modified acrylic binder for enhanced adhesive properties.


  • Vinplast is in paste form and does not require and addition of water either for mixing or application. It’s superior workability ensures ease and speed of application for fast work execution.
  • Vinplast has a very high adhesive strength hence no need of a primer before applying Vinplast.
  • Vinplast offers a strong, hard white-off white surface that aesthetically enhances the finish having more durability and good strength.
  • Vinplast gives smooth finish and can be decorated, when thoroughly dry, with a high quality paint, without using lime wash, putty, neeru, plaster of Paris or primer.
  • Vinplast plastered surfaces are fast drying and under ideal conditions, painting can take place in as little as 24 hours which minimizes costly delays.
  • Vinplast allows free water/moisture vapour movement thus no blisters or cracks.
  • Vinplast can be applied on almost all interior surfaces, new or old.


Remove all the nails, spikes, pegs, other protrusions or any other foreign matter from the surface where VINPLAST is to be applied. Remove all the traces or patches of oil, grease by washing. Ensure that the surface is fairly dry, plumb, flat and even. Uneven surfaces may require more coats/material. Do not use VINPLAST on damp and wet surface. The surface with loose, chalky, friable particles not sitting firmly on the surface should be removed with a wire brush. Priming with ‘VINAL PRIMER’ is recommended in such cases. Ensure that the equipments used for application of VINPLAST are cleaned with water.


VINPLAST is ready to use and it need not be diluted.
VINPLAST should be directly applied on the surface/interior walls with painter’s putty knife or mason’s steel trowel. Use the fine steel edge of trowel or painter’s putty knife to spread.
VINPLAST covering the maximum surface area. The thickness of the coat should be approximately 1 m.m. After the first coat of VINPLAST is dried apply a thin second coat. Thickness of both the coats should not exceed 2 m.m. On very smooth and even surfaces a second coat of VINPLAST is not required. Allow the coats to dry. The drying time of each coat is around 2-3 hours. 3-4 hours after the applications of final coat, smoothen the surface by rubbing gently with a ‘220’ number vinal paper or emery paper. Remove the dust using the clean cloth. The VINPLAST plastered surface is now ready for painting.

Handling & Storage:

Store in cool dry place. Protect from varied climatic conditions such as frost, direct sunlight and rain during storage & in transit. VINPLAST when partly consumed, the remaining material in the bag should be kept air tight. Self Life -3 months


VINPLAST is available in 20kg / 25 kg / 30kg poly woven lined sacks or Plastic bags.

Environment & Safety:

VINPLAST is non-toxic and non flammable, making it environment friendly. Splashes of VINPLAST coming in contact with skin could be washed with water for easy removal. If it comes in contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water. If irritation persists, obtain medical help.

Technical Details:

Colour : White/Off White
Nature : Ready To Use Thick Paste
Breathing : Vapours Of Gas, Air Or Water
Finish : Smooth And Even Finish
Drying Time : 3-4 Hours

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